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Christopher J. Dolan

This list is a sample of my work, both professional and personal.

MediaLandscape screenshot

MediaLandscape Software is a spin-off of my company, Clotho Advanced Media Inc. We produce a suite of presentation tools that renders Mediasite™ audio-visual and slide content as cross-platform web content. The suite includes a bandwidth-efficient Player, a simple but high-tech Converter, and (coming soon) an intuitive yet powerful Author.

My contribution: I am the lead developer on the project and have performed the majority of the Converter work. This latter project connects Flash UI to a C++ engine via a desktop-resident, multi-threaded SOAP server written in Perl.

TeachingBooks screenshot is run by a local entrepreneur, Nick Glass, who is my favorite client. (Sorry to any others who may read this!) It is a database-driven collection of children's literature resources intended to foster interest in reading. The site collects online resources, like curricular materials and author home pages, as well as exclusive content like high-quality video interviews with popular authors.

My contribution: I architected and implemented the database schema, the program logic (including the custom search engine) and the HTML presentation.

Fink screenshot

The Fink Project ports Unix software to Mac OS X. Run by volunteers, this ambitious open-source effort provides an easy and popular way to install and manage packages of software from desktop tools to web servers to command-line utilities.

My contribution: I am a respected Fink committer (that is, I have full permissions to make changes to Fink and its supporting software) and am the maintainer of over 140 packages. I've recently made efforts to help Fink reach out to the blind community.