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Christopher J. Dolan

Chris Dolan from Madison, Wisconsin

Chris Dolan

About me

I'm Chris Dolan, the creator of this site. Contact me at . I'm a software developer with a PhD in astronomy. Search Google for me and others who share my name.

Software Architecture and Development

I'm a software developer and shareholder at Clotho Advanced Media, Inc. I am a lead developer for our MediaLandscape project and manager developer for several of our clients. I'm also an active contributor to several public software projects.

As a Perl developer, I'm an active contributor to CPAN both as myself and via Clotho.

I'm a core developer for the following open source projects:

I'm a contributor to these open source projects:

My arch repository is at and currently contains my contributions to the PlanetPlanet project. See my posts on the Planet-Devel email list for more details.

I'm a long-time Slashdot reader and respected contributor. I also contribute occasionally to MacSlash, use Perl and CPAN ratings.

Web Development

Individually and as part of a team, I've built many web sites. Some of my most recent volunteer projects include sites for:

Education Outreach

Many years ago, I created an astronomy web site about Stars and Constellations. It pretty dated now, but at the time (1996) it was unique and became fairly popular. Due to its popularity, the University of Wisconsin Astronomy Department decided to keep it after I graduated. Several of my Java applets still run nicely despite being many years old.

I contribute occasionally to the following educational projects:

Scientific Research

I completed my PhD thesis in 2000. I studied a starbirth region in the direction of the constellation Orion. It was fun work! I prefer software development, but I miss astronomical research sometimes. My list of publications is available via the ADS Abstract Service.